Dial 999

I have become addicted to this half hour drama each Tuesday evening on Talking Pictures.

A great lesson to film makers on how to set out a story, introduce the characters, show us the crime and then solve it and round up the crooks – all in 30 minutes – I love it.

When I look at the year the episodes were released – the ones I have seen are from 1958 – made for Television although made on film

Robert Beatty took the leading role although quite famous faces appeared in various episode – Patrick Troughton was in one episode playing a villain.

Patricia Driscoll and her husband Duncan Lamont were in another programme not to mention William Hartnell, Campbell Singer, Zena Marshall, Robert Shaw and many others

He appears BELOW after the credits and as was the thing at that time – he lit a cigarette

Below with his assistant

I came across the promotion leaflet BELOW – and initially thought it was for the TV Series but in fact it referred to an earlier film.

What threw me was that there was a picture beside the title, of Robert Beatty but that referred to another film that he was in when you look further. Bit of a coincidence though

From the ABOVE films we can see that the trend of the mid fifties of bringing over stars from Hollywood – maybe not top liners – was continuing.

Gene Nelson was in two of them, along with Faith Domergue and Terry Moore – I haven’t included Robert Beatty as he had been pretty much resident over here since the mid forties.

Robert Beatty had a long and varied career and a busy one too. He starred opposite Gregory Peck in ‘Captain Horatio Hornblower’ then as well as films numerous Television appearances in plays and serials of the day including the very Popular Francis Durbridge ones. He was in ‘Where Eagles Dare, and l.ate in his career played President Regan.

BELOW – he is taking over a starring role in a West End Play from John Gregson – so he also appeared on the stage it seems

ABOVE: John Gregson (Left) Currently Playing In The Financier’S Play,”Difference Of Opinion “Is Shortly To Leave The Cast. Canadian Actor Robert Beatty Is Taking Over His Role.

The Play Revolves Around The Methods Employed By Company Directors To Oust One Of Their Members.

Robert Beatty opens in the play on September 2nd 1964 – this will allow John Gregson to go on Location For “Gideon’s Way “

The photograph was taken as the Actors met outside The Garrick Theatre Stage Door to discuss The Play – 27 th August 1964.

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  1. Robert says:

    Great series Neil,have them all on dvd,I also have the film of the same title Dial 999 aka The Way Out 1955 starring John Bentley & Michael Goodliffe.

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