David Farrar in Hollywood

These pictures come from the spring of 1951 when David Farrar along with his wife and daughter Barbara, were in Hollywood whilst he was filming ‘The Golden Horde’

He was a film actor who seemed to have a very high opinion of himself which apparently comes over in his Autobiography ‘No Royal Road’ published in 1947 or 1948. I am searching for this book but so far have not been successful in locating a copy. If anyone has one please let me know.

Years before this he ran his own theatre in the Tottenham Court Road and he used to get masses of fan mail. He had a very good career in films in England mainly thanks to Michael Powell and Emric Pressburger who gave him some great parts but later went to America when he would have been 43 years old – he was too late being too old for the leading roles he aspired to like this film.

His is wife Irene died fairly young – but he never re-married.

In fairness to him he did seem to be a real family man devoted to his daughter Barbara and his wife

David Farrar in Hollywood – This was his first Hollywood film and so he took the family there for the few weeks of filming in the spring of 1951 I would guess.

He really does seem a pompous man – with a self-styled aura of superiority – misplaced I am sure. Just who does he think he is !!

Maybe I am a bit harsh here but he just comes over that way sometimes.

Irene his wife pours a nice cup of tea in the morning

Catching up on some paperwork
Listening to daughter Barbara play the piano
Posting a Letter home
Breakfast Time
With trousers like that it is no wonder David Farrar’s career in Hollywood didn’t go better – quite honestly he looks ridiculous
Goodnight to daughter Barbara
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