Dads Army 2016

Dads Army 2016 MarchingI couldn’t resist posting this item after having seen the NEW Dads Army film -what a treat it is and I can heartily recommend everyone to go to your local cinema and see it.Captain Mainwaring

Went to see the new Dads Army film last evening – and what a film it was. Really really good with wonderful performances from a cast who had the task of taking over such well loved roles – but they did and did it well. Toby Jones had a very big part as Captain Mainwaring and he did a superb job as did Bill Nighy in the role of Sergeant Wilson. The rest were all good and Michael Gambon as Godfrey was near perfect. Bridlington stood in beautifully as the South Coast town of Walmington On Sea. The climatic scenes were thrilling with all the crashs and bangs and even there the humour shone through. I can recommend – in fact do recommend – that every fan of the original series goes to see this excellent film. At the very end you may be standing up cheering !!! I nearly was but managed to contain myself.

Catherine Zeta Jones= with Corporal JonesCatherine-Zeta-Jones-as-Rose-WintersDads Army  2016Dad Army - the final conflict



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