Conflict of Wings 1955 – Beautiful Colour and typically English

This was a British Film made in Colour – and I say this because, as we all remember, at that time it was a big attraction when a film was in Technicolor. Conflict of Wings 1955 2

The title in a way is intriguing and appealing and yet it is difficult to discern what it is until you either read about it or see the film



Conflict of Wings 1955 3



The film starred John Gregson, Muriel Pavlow and Kieron Moore

Conflict of Wings 1955 4 The film is splendidly English with villagers taking on the might of the Royal Air Force over nesting birds. Against this background “Conflict of wings” portrays the people of the beautiful county of Norfolk at odds with the Authorities over the potential damage to their bird sanctuary.

The RAF personnel are cast as the not very bad bad guys using an area frequented by nesting birds as a firing range.

Conflict of Wings 1955 5


The film makes its point and has  excellent performances in the British tradition and a wonderful support cast including ex – RAF pilot Humphrey Lestocq – at the time  as already mentioned on the Blog. on BBC children’s’ TV “Whirligig” with Mr Turnip.

“H.L.” as he was known, had a  career in film acting and Radio. P


lane enthusiasts  will love the shots of the Vampires and Meteors.   


If you love that quintessentially English county of Norfolk the scenery of its beautiful northern coast will enchant you.  “Conflict of wings” is rural England and its inhabitants coming together  


Conflict of Wings 1955 6 A Vampire Jet roars overhead Conflict of Wings 1955 7

ABOVE – John Gregson and Harry Fowler with a Meteor Jet

Conflict of Wings 1955 8   ABOVE – Actors again with a  Meteor Jet Conflict of Wings 1955 9 ABOVE – Niall MacGinnis and Muriel Pavlow play a scene together 


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