Christopher Lee – Corridor of Mirrors 1948

Christopher Lee  died last week at the age of 93. His astonishing near 70 year film career began in 1948 with this film Corridor of Mirrors although he was not star billed in those days – and as we all know it would take another decade before he achieved fame in The Curse of Frankenstein and then to me the role by which he will be remembered Count Dracula. He did of course also play the title role in The Mummy 1959 which was a film I really liked – both he and Peter Cushing excelled in this one.

Corridor of Mirrors is not a well known film – in fact I have never seen it – but ironically and coincidentally it will be released on DVD on Monday 15th June 2015.  I have ordered a copy. This film was a vehicle to push the star Edana Romney to the top as it was financed by her then husband. I always thought that she was married to Edgar Lustgarten but that is not correct – I am mixing up the link between them – in fact Edana Romney and Edgar Lustgarten had together presented a TV show in the mid fifties – in the early days of British Televsion.

Corridor of Mirrors 1948

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  1. I watched this film and i felt disappointed because Christopher Lee was not in it long enough. I am not blaming him.

    • Movieman says:

      Thanks for your interest and comments. As I recall it this was Christopher Lee’s first film and maybe he didn’t have a big part I don’t know. He was around quite a bit as you know in films before he became famous in the Hammer Films. He made a film with Joan Rice in about 1954 or 1956 called Police Dog which is available and quite good.

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