Childrens Television 1952


Needless to say that these were on the BBC – the only channel we had at the time but is was very good and varied.


Francis Coudrill with Hank and Silver King


Children’s Television – Francis Coudrill with Hank and Silver King   ABOVE

Humphrey Lestoq with Mr Turnip


Children’s Television – HL or Humphrey Lestocq and Mr Turnip. HL looking very downcast I wonder why


Valerie Hobson with Timothy Telescope


Children’s Television – Valerie Hobson with Timothy Telescope ABOVE.


I can’t remember this at all from those days.

Apparently Timothy,  who is a glove puppet lives in Valerie Hobson’s Bathroom just out of reach of her own children


Treasure Island BBC Television 1952


Children’s Television ABOVE Treasure Island from 1952 with Bernard Miles as Long John Siler and John Quayle as Jim Hawkins.

John Quayle made his acting debut in this and he must have been good, because he then went in to Billy Bunter and after that a production of Vice Versa.

I must admit the picture above – at the Stockade –  shows the set looking remarkably similar to the one used for the 1950 Walt Disney film with Robert Newton memorable as Long John Silver.

I am pretty sure that Bernard Miles also played Long John on stage – maybe at  The Mermaid Theatre which he either owned or was very active in, for many successful years.    Wasn’t he good as Joe Gargery in the 1946 classic ‘Great Expectations’

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