Carry on Nurse 1959

This one in my view, is one of the best of the Carry On series of films – all the usual actors playing true to form and pretty well at their best.

“Carry on Nurse” is only the second film to be made and it still captures the naive charm of late 50s humour while exploring the more risque ground of the double-entendre.

The usual gang of misfits are present: Kenneth Connor, Kenneth Williams, Charles Hawtrey, Hattie Jacques (playing Matron!) and Joan Sims in her first “Carry On…” appearance.

The hospital setting works really well in this film and indeed later entries in the series which sees the same actors often set within Hospitals or other institutions

Hattie Jacques – brilliant as Matron – a role that she seemed to fit perfectly

ABOVE – Shirley Eaton looking lovely chatting with Joan Hickson – I saw Joan Hickson last weekend in one of her wonderful Miss Marple portrayals. She had been years playing these minor roles in British films until her great ‘break’ came later in life – the BBC Miss Marple films that seems to be shown again and again – and I can watch them whenever they come on. My Daughter in Australia rang me to say that they had been watching ‘Nemesis’ probably my favourite – and she had forgotten just how good it was.

ABOVE – A bespectacled Kenneth Williams – none too happy in his Hospital surroundings.

Charles Hawtrey has donned his headphones and is conducting the orchestra to the music he is hearing.

Shirley Eaton again, ABOVE – this time with Terence Longden who, a couple of films later, was in the classic Ben Hur and whilst he wasn’t the leading man he was pretty high up the cast list. He was in a lot of Television throughout his long career.

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  1. Robert says:

    Sadly it was Susan Shaw’s last film.

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