Burt Lancaster – The Crimson Pirate – on a Double Bill

Burt Lancaster at this point in his career, was at his swashbuckling peak having just see The Flame and The Arrow become a big international hit – film I saw it as a very young boy – and so did former Prime Minister John Major. In his Autobiography he refers to going to the Cinema often in those days in South London, where he was brought up,  and remembering The Flame and The Arrow.

Sometimes films were re-released again after a few years as a Double Bill such as this action packed pairing.  This was a good idea because it was not likely that you would see them again if they did not reappear at the cinema, and I , for one, like to watch some of them over again.

Television was in it’s early days then with only one channel BBC to watch and that came on at 4-30 pm and shut down at about 11 pm – and there were few films shown.

Not sure that I saw either of these at the cinemas though – in fact I am pretty sure I didn’t.

Burt Lancaster The Crimson Pirate

Double Bill 6


The Crimson Pirate


Burt Lancaster in The Crimson Pirate – made in England. and also above Eva Bartok in the film – she had what looked like a promising film career at this time – but after this film seemed to get bogged down in British Run-of-the-Mill films such as her next one Venetian Bird with Richard Todd

The Crimson Pirate 1952

The Command 1954

The Command was a 1954 release, so this Double Bill must have been later in the 50 s on a re-release I would expect.

Guy Madison starred in this one – Below a Signed Front of House Still from the Film – or as they call it in the USA a Film Lobby Card

Guy Madison


Guy Madison – Above – Fighting off the Indians



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