Anthony Quayle and Dorothy Hyson

Anthony Quayle and Dorothy Hyson married on a very hot summer day – on  3rd June 1947 – with around 60 guests present.

This was one of the great Love Stories of Filmland. Anthony Quayle had met Dorothy Hyson some eight years before, and was smitten with her from that moment. She, at that time, was married to the actor Robert Douglas, and he was married to Hermione Hannen – neither of them happily married.

Dorothy Hyson

Dorothy Hyson was known as one of the prettiest girls ever to grace the London Stage – and as such she was a considerable attraction – just look at the picture Above

George Formby with Dorothy Hyson

She had appeared in films – We remember her in a leading role with the great George Formby in Spare a Copper in 1941. Above

However when she met and married Anthony Quayle she gave up acting to look after him and raise a family.

Anthony Quayle said of his wife at the time of their marriage ‘ The wanderings of Odysseus had lasted ten long years – mine only eight: but I had come to my Penelope at last.’ Then he added ‘ Without her I could have been nothing,  done nothing;  with her Love and help, our two lives joined together.   I could lift the world up and carry it aloft’

Anthony Quayle and Dorothy Hyson with their Children

Above – At their Home in 1952 Near Stratford on Avon with their Two Girls, Rosanna and Jennifer. They also had a son Christopher.

Anthony Quayle and Family

Above: Their Two Girls, Rosanna and Jennifer with Mother Dorothy Hyson – and how much like her is her daughter on the right of the picture. They also had a son Christopher – here with his Father.

Dorothy Hyson was a renowned hostess in London.  On her retirement from acting, she said: “I always tried my best at being an actress – but when I met Anthony Quayle all I wanted to do was to be his wife and look after him. My acting didn’t matter anymore. He always came first for me”.

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  1. Louise says:

    would like to share a photo of Rosanna and Jennifer that my mother has (aged 89) taken at a beach in Auckland 1950c.

    • Movieman says:

      Louise, Thanks for your comment ref the article on Anthony Quayle and Dorothy Hyson and their two daughters. If you want to share the picture you have and, indeed, any memories of them, please let me have them – and with your permission we could do another article. They certainly were a very devoted couple. She was a very beautiful woman. I will email you also so that you can send any information. Neil

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