Another Double Bill Film Programme from 1952



An injured soldier, Jeff Chandler, falls for nurse Loretta Young and the two soon wed and have a lovely daughter. Sounds typical with a poor girl marrying a rich, handsome businessman like Jeff. However she hides a dark secret – Loretta was in jail as no one believed her innocence in the participation of a robbery.


She never told Jeff about her former life. Years later, the guy who led her down this path, suddenly shows up one afternoon and kidnaps her with the child. After another robbery, there is a high speed chase and the guy is killed instantly. Loretta and daughter survive the wreck physically-but there are plenty of emotional problems as a result. An enraged Jeff accuses Loretta of being a tramp and immediately files for divorce and gains full custody of the child.


Loretta takes a job as an entertainer for children’s parties. Her sister-in-law takes her in but  since this is years later, the child does not know that Loretta is her mother. Unexpectedly, Jeff comes home and there are fireworks.


The  film is really well  done with Chandler showing that he was a good actor. His emotional outbursts are believable. Loretta Young is subdued but as always turns in a competent performance.

Because of You 1952


About making the film, Loretta Young said she found Jeff Chandler very attractive and he told her that he was falling in love with her. She further stated that the relationship never progressed beyond hand-holding outside their love scenes, “but I think until he died, we both felt it. If I’d see him on the street I’d walk the other way because I didn’t want to spark anything.”


Double Bill film programme


HORIZONS WEST 1952 In Technicolor from Universal

Horizons West has  Robert Ryan and Rock Hudson as the Hammond brothers, Confederate veterans of the Civil War who take different lessons from losing the conflict.    
Rock just wants to go back and settle down with their parents John McIntire and Frances Bavier and make their cattle ranch pay. Robert Ryan does not like being on the losing side and wants to be rich and powerful. Only problem is that Yankee carpetbaggers like Raymond Burr are grabbing everything in the South that’s of any value.
After a humiliating poker defeat from Burr, Ryan vows to get even and get Julie Adams who is Burr’s wife and whom he takes a fancy to.
Horizons West 1952
Budd Boetticher directed this and while Boetticher is more famous for some of the features he did with Randolph Scott, this one has a lot to recommend it. Robert Ryan gives a powerful performance as a man twisted by both revenge and defeat.
He does defeat Raymond Burr, but in the process loses his humanity and his family though he gains JulieAdams for what good that does him in the end.
Horizons West 1952 2
ABOVE – Robert Ryan and Rock Hudson
This western has the distinction of  performances by James Arness and Dennis Weaver before they co-starred in Gunsmoke. Arness plays a Confederate veteran friend of both Hammond brothers who gravitates to Hudson. Weaver is another Confederate veteran who becomes Ryan’s second in command in the rustling gang he first organises in his quest for power.
Horizons West still holds up well  – Recommended for Western fans.
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