Aloma of the South Seas

I just love this style of Poster because it does what it is meant to do.  Introduces us to a South Sea Island Paradise that represented pure escapism for people in poorer times – and gave them at least 90 minutes of Colour,  Romance and Excitement. What more could anyone want !!


I am not totally familiar with this film but I do know Beyond the Blue Horizon which again starred Dorothy Lamour but that time with Richard Denning in the lead role with her. Again it featured great Technicolor locations of the South Seas – although much of it was on studio sets – which I have to say were VERY good indeed.

This film was actually from 1941 but I couldn’t resist including it here – just looked so good on the Advertisement.

Jon Hall fits this type of film like a glove – indeed he had great difficulty ever escaping from it – but it must have provided a very good living over a number of years for him and his family.


The South Seas romance is set on the scenic island of Tahiti where the island chief betroths his son to a woman and then ships him to the US to attend Harvard. During the return voyage the lad is befriended by the ship’s captain who also protects the beautiful girl the boy meets, but doesn’t know he is supposed to marry. The two end up falling in love, even though the young man has sworn not to marry the girl his father picked out for him 15 years before

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