Adam Adamant

Kathy Kirby belts out this title track very powerfully and impressively – much in the style of Goldfinger and just as good.

The last line ‘Leave this man alone’ is memorable for all of us who watched the series. I remember working down in London, in Grosvenor Stree for one of the Oil Companies, and a lady who worked there came into the office singing this line – I remember that to this day

Adam Adamant was an Edwardian man revived following building works that uncovered his long lost body entombed in ice. He had been placed there in 1902.

Once revived, Adam re-establishes his swash-buckling work in a changed world; taking on gangsters, spies and all evil doers

Gerald Harper was cast as the hero, Adam Adamant, who certainly cuts a magnificent dash due in no small part to his elegant dress sense and handsome looks.

Aiding him in his battle with crime are Georgina Jones, played by Juliet Harmer, and butler Simms, played by Jack May – of The Archers fame as Nelson Gabriel for many years

The show had a run of two seasons, including some episodes directed by a young Ridley Scott, it only just missed being renewed for the third season and then disappeared from Television – what a pity !

The first episode sets the scene for all the others.

Now 99 years old but still youthful, the adventurer takes on a different bunch of foes each week – often at the unofficial nod of the British Government, who value his peculiar talents

Adam Adamant remains impeccably dressed in the style of a 1880’s gentleman, complete with spats, waist coat and a sword stick – making him a dashing and charismatic figure.

Despite the best charms of Miss Jones, Adam Adamant seems above real flirtation (although he is a ladies’ man in his own, genteel way)

In one episode he thwarts a sinister plan to devastate Blackpool’s golden mile, with exploding light bulbs.

Above all, it’s very atmospheric fun, marvellously preserved -very much of its period.

Gerald Harper as Adam Adamant

After this series Gerald Harper had another Television success with Hadleigh – and even later was in the 1979 remake of ‘The Lady Vanishes’

A tense scene in ‘The Lady Vanishes’

Gerald Harper starred as debonair young landowner James Hadleigh, a unique character, full of charm and dynamic energy and possessed of a sharp intelligence. Hadleigh is a man of total privilege. He has inherited not only the magnificent Melford Hall but also the 

Jane merrow with Gerald Harper

proprietorship of the Westdale Gazette, and his deep love of his native Yorkshire, and the people who live there, is always in evidence.

Peter Dennis plays Sutton, Hadleigh’s butler, and Magaret Flint is the housekeeper at Melford Park. Other well known actors appearing in the series include, Jane Merrow as Anne Hepton (1971), Hilary Heath (credited as Hilary Dywer) as Jenifer Caldwell / Hadleigh (1973), Michael Billington as Freddie Hepton (1971) and Hannah Gordon as Sarah Alwyn (1971). The series ran for seven seasons from 1969 until 1976 with 52 hour-long episodes being produced. The theme tune for the series was composed by Tony Hatch.

Hadleigh trio

Series Two co-starred Jane Merrow as Anne Hepton, a strong willed career woman with a young daughter, Charlotte. Michael Billington played Annes estranged husband, Freddie Hepton, a hard-drinking womaniser who turns up unannounced in an effort to save their marriage, albeit for purposes of his own. James Hadleigh is having a friendship with Anne Hepton which causes problems when the two men clash. The situation is ultimately resolved and Anne Hepton becomes an important part of James Hadleigh’s life and their relationship provides an important thread throughout the series.

Gerald also has a Saturday slot on Radio 2 and with is distinctive and appealing voice it proved very popular

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