Act of Murder 1964 Edgar Wallace

We have done an article on this Blog not that long ago on this superb film.

A young couple and their friend Tim ( John Carson), are messing around at their home – involving mild flirting between Tim and Ralph’s wife – Justine Lord. Ralph is played by Anthony Bate

Thee couple have planned a house swap – but things go very wrong – they are given a bogus address and think that they are taking on a West End flat with London views.

The people taking their home trash it and steal of all it’s valuables – but by the time the Longmans arrive home the contents have been mysteriously restored!!

Act of Murder 1964


However something is wrong  – Ann’s beloved garden has been vandalised, the chickens and pet canary have been poisoned and on their little dog is found dead.

They did not immediately suspect Tim who was the only person who knew the deep affection that Ann felt for the garden and her little dog

Ann can’t cope with anything and goes rushing off to – Tim. Ralph does some sleuthing when he finds out from the police that another house in the area had been burgled by the same “house swap gang” which starts him thinking – why was their house spared? It leads him to a shady antique dealer who finally admits their house had been targeted but a man returning for his overnight bag had stopped them in their tracks!!

The penny drops with Ralph.


Act of Murder 2


Some great camera work and scenes – one where  Ann is dressing for bed,  and  chatting but there is no response, someone trips over in the dark – but it’s only Ralph.


Act of Murder 3

Both John Carson  and Anthony Bate  are in top form here. Justine Lord was terrific as  Ann –   showing real acting depth.

After this, TV director Alan Bridges rightly much sort after and had a good career as a film director

In his first film Act of Murder  1964  made very much as a second feature on a cinema bill,   the director squeezes tension out of a love triangle between an actor, and his good friends – a married couple.

Act of Murder


Act of Murder 2

Act of Murder 3

Act of Murder 4

Act of Murder 5

Act of Murder 6

Act of Murder 7

Act of Murder 8

Act of Murder 9









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