Lorna Doone 1951

Lorna Doone 1951 This film looks good in typical, 1950s Hollywood  colour and with the backdrops,  like the the castle perched on the edge of the cliff and the thundering water fall which is the only other access to the castle beyond the one road and the drawbridge-  what a great matte shot. see below:- Lorna Doone 1951 - Great Matt shot example.

Apparently Producer, Edward Small first announced plans to film the novel in 1944

He sent representatives to England to scout locations that year and there was talk of a co-production with J Arthur Rank starring Louis Hayward to be filmed in Scotland. This project never seemed to get under way though.

In 1948 Alfred Hitchcock announced plans to film the novel but Edward Small claimed he had registered the rights to the title in the USA so Hitchcock could film the story but not using the name  Lorna Doone.

This prompted Edward Small to announce he would start filming in England in association with Rank  on 1 March 1949. This was postponed due to financial constraints in the late 40’s just after the war.

Edward Small Film Producer.Above: Edward Small – Film Producer.

The project however, was reactivated later in 1949 when Edward Small signed a two picture deal with Columbia Pictures, for Lorna Doone and The Brigand.   It was then decided to make the film in Hollywood  with English Actor Richard Greene – (who went on to star as Robin Hood in the very famous  and successful 50’sTelevision series made in England )  and Barbara Hale.

Lorna Doone Poster


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