Filming of The Story of Robin Hood at Denham

I have purchased these TWO pictures from the filming of The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men  – the one immediately below – and the third one down showing Walt Disney talking to Richard Todd and Elton Hayes.

Quite honestly I am thrilled with them – or more so really with ONE of them.

That is the Studio scene BELOW at Denham Film Studios showing the filming towards the end of the Picture,  in Robin Hood’s Camp –  this is the original photograph and absolutely crystal clear  whereas I have previously seen this one in a smaller less clear version.


I think this scene would be filmed at the end of July 1951  – and I have a feeling that I would be on  holiday with my Mother and Dad and Brothers in St.Albans at  that time – so as a small boy would have been passing the Denham Studios at the very moment this scene was filmed.

 The Story of Robin Hood 1952

 The Story of Robin Hood 1952 3

Walt Disney on the Story of Robin Hood Set 1951

The other picture ABOVE: – with Walt Disney, Richard Todd and Elton Hayes, I have seen many times before.

The Story of Robun Hood Denham Film Set of the Camp 2

Above and Below: Robin Hood’s Camp – Huge Studio Set at Denham

Story of Robin Hood 1952 Robin's Camp

Hard to imagine that the Camp above is a Studio Set – on a scale that could only have been done at Denham at that time.

Below: More pictures from the making of the film :-

Peter Finch being Coached by Rupert Evans

 Rupert Evans gives Peter Finch – The Sheriff of Nottingham – lessons in swordsmanship ABOVE

Story of Robin Hood 1952 Filming

Above: Filming a Scene in the Camp – Richard Todd is seated at the Table and Ken Annakin the Film Director is standing just behind him and to the left.

The Story of Robin Hood 1952 2

A Woodland Scene Above with Allan A Dale – The Wonderful Elton Hayes

Outdoor Set - Story of Robin Hood 1952

Above :  Another picture from the making of the film. This time an Outdoor Film Set of Nottingham Square – and here Robin Hood and his Men plan to free a number of peasants being held captive. A Thrilling Scene.

The Story of Robin Hood 1952 1

An Arrow thuds close to Robin Hood – Richard Todd – in this thrilling sequence – Above





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