Watusi 1959

In a way I quite like this film but it was made a little’ on the cheap’ by using quite a lot of sequences from the very successful 1950 film ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ which starred Stewart Granger and Deborah Kerr

This one had George Montgomery, David Farrar and Taina Elg in the main roles

One comment I read concerns the use of the many action scenes from King Solomon’s Mines which was made just before the Wide Screen Cinemascope process became the norm. Consequently I read that the many scenes used were ‘stretched’ to fit the new format. However I think that was an unfortunate term really – because all that was done was to take the top and bottom off each frame to make it the same. It was not in any way stretched as the term might imply

The film, set in Africa but made in Hollywood although I have to say that it captured the feel of Africa well.

Also the film was successful at the Box Office

ABOVE – This animal stampede is a direct copy from ‘King Solomon’s Mines

BELOW – These are dramatic Scenes and not pulled from the previous production

Watusi’ was made in Hollywood so these actors never saw Africa

ABOVE =- Taina Elg joins the fray and looks very convincing

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