Autograph Hunters

Film Stars of the day – or even today – must always be available to sign autographs for their fans and most do so, after all it is the fans that put them where they are and most appreciated that

I have come across these pictures from the very early fifties that I found interesting

ABOVE – Enid Blyton signs for John Howard Davies

ABOVE – Maxwell Reed signs – not a good look with that cigarette drooping from his mouth

ABOVE – Probably my favourite of these photographs shown the lovely Natasha Parry using this very lucky man’s back in order to sign. She is smiling too – he must be pleased !!

ABOVE – J Arthur Rank no less, signs for children at the Children’s Club Choir Festival. He came from Hull and was a staunch Methodist – he has my admiration for the way he built and sustained the film industry in this country over the years.

Talking, as we are, of Autographs, I came across this fascinating piece from an Australian newspaper :-

Teenager’s autograph book captures big names of 1950s Australian radio, film

First day audiences attending the screening of King of the Coral Sea crowding the Victory Theatre, Sydney 10 September, 1954.
Lesley Cansdell’s first autographs were from the stars of 1954’s King Of The Coral Sea.(Supplied: National Film and Sound Archive)

Long before selfies with celebrities or following someone famous on Twitter, fans hounded stars for their autographs — often scribbled in a little leather book.

As a Sydney teenager in the 1950s, Lesley Cansdell collected dozens of signatures of her favourite Australian radio and film personalities.

Chips Rafferty's signature in Lesley Cansdell's autograph book.
Chips Rafferty (1909-61) achieved international fame as an actor.(Supplied: National Film and Sound Archive)

Her autograph book, recently acquired by the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), includes more than 90 signatures and handwritten comments from the big names of the day.

They include Chips Rafferty, Ruth Cracknell, John Meillon and Muriel Steinbeck.

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