The Last Page 1952

George Brent came over from Hollywood for this one and it also starred a young Diana Dors

Above – George Brent with a smile on his face – he always seemed so serious in the films I saw him in – as he was in this one.

I watched this film a week or more ago – very good. Diana Dors looked glamorous and acted extremely well in one of her early film roles.

George Brent, at this point, was very much towards the end of his film career – it was mostly television after this.

He plays John Harman, manager of a British bookstore. Jeffrey (Peter Reynolds) starts to steal a book but is caught by Ruby (Diana Dors). Seems strange but after she catches him in the act, he somehow turns the tables on her, and charms her into accepting a date which leads her into a murky world of nastiness, blackmail, even death.

Ruby becomes embroiled in a plot to blackmail her boss ( George Brent) and this leads to murder.

George Brent with Diana Dors in an early scene

There is quite an exciting end to the film – which is one well worth viewing.

ABOVE: The Book Shop

George Brent with Diana Dors

George Brent here with fellow American star Marguerite Chapman both over here for this film. She plays another employee at the Book Shop but also a good friend of George Brent and his wife. She does everything to try to help in the blackmail dilemma – she also seems to show a love for George Brent. She had quite a big part and was very good.

ABOVE – Raymond Huntley plays a senior employee at the Book Shop and now is trying to help

George Brent makes a dash for it !

Produced by Hammer Films, and Directed by Terence Fisher, who was more famous for directing many of the horror films for Hammer later on.

Dracula, The Mummy and The Curse of Frankenstein are three of the early – and most well known and best – ones.

The Film Trailer BELOW is exciting and gives a strong taste of what is to come – A very good trailer :

This was under the film’s other title ‘Man Bait’ which I don’t like.

The Front Page’ is much better

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2 Responses to “The Last Page 1952”

  1. Robert says:

    I have seen this film many times and George Brent does a decent job of his part.with plenty of location filming which for me always makes a film worth for Peter Reynolds he always seemed to act the same in the few films he did.he died tragically burned to death at his flat when he fell asleep whilst smoking

    • Movieman says:

      Robert. George Brent and Diana Dors were very good – and as you say the location filming added to the film which was enjoyable. I did not know much about Peter Reynolds and hadn’t known of him at all, but you were right about the roles that he seemed to get and the tragic way that he died. Neil

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