Peeping Tom Star Karl Boehm dies

What a film this is -probably one of the most sinister and scary ever with Karl Boehm cast in the leading role as the repressed film cameraman who murders each of his victims in a truly horrific manner.

It has just been announced that Karl Boehm has died at the age of 86 – and I have to say after a long career in acting this is the film that he is best known for – certainly in England.

Anna Massey had a very good leading role in this film and she sadly passed away only a year or two ago.

In her autobiography in 2006, Telling Some Tales, she told of  a difficult early life and  her failed marriage (1959–1962) to actor Jeremy Brett. The couple had one son.  However after the early part of her life –  mainly unhappy – on August 1988 at a dinner party  she met  metallurgist Uri Andres. The couple were married from November 1988 until her death in 2011 – and so she found the happiness she longed for quite late in life.

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