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When I first saw this in a Kinematograph Weekly, I was more interested in the films -that were advertised – still am – but I couldn’t help seeing that it was from Renown Pictures Corporation Ltd – currently a very well know name alongside Talking Pictures. I wonder if Noel and Sarah purchased this Company which may have been dormant

Looking at the films ABOVE – ‘Scrooge’ with was and is a classic with Alistair Sim producing a wonderful performance and portrayal which in my book has never been equalled

Pickwick Papers’ was another cracker

I had heard of ‘Mother Riley Meets the Vampire’ with Be4al Lugosi but not heard of ‘Mother Riley’s Trip to Mars’

I am surprised to see that ‘The Great Caruso’ tops the Box Office Winner’s chart ABOVE – but not surprised to see ‘Samson and Delilah’ right up there

ABOVE – More picks from 1951 – ‘King Solomon’s Mines’ – I loved that one with all the publicity that went with it

‘Across the Wide Missouri’ another popular one but I found it quite dull although I didn’t see it at the time of release and have only viewed it on Television

There are some talking points here – just imagine getting together with friends of a similar age and interest – you could discuss these for hours !!

The one below I did see along with my Mother and Dad and Brothers – it was good !!

It was in Technicolor and this was – and remains – impressive.

This is one of Alan Ladd’s lesser known and seldom-seen Westerns, a Civil War story with an excellent cast.  Alan Ladd plays Brett Sherwood, a captain from Georgia who has gone West in April 1865 to Colorado Territory to meet up with “Gen.” William Quantrell. 

Lizabeth Scott was the female lead in this – her first Western.

The final scenes

ABOVE – Alan Ladd with Lizabeth Scott – and BELOW she is with Arthur Kennedy

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