Home at Seven – 1952

Ralph Richardson stars and also directs this intriguing drama abot a Bank employee who goes missing for 24 hours and finds himself in deep trouble for the theft of money from a social club and maybe even murder. In this film, and in his next one he would be joined by Margaret Leighton playing his wife whereas in the very next film ‘The Holly and the Ivy’ she plays his daughter

They very often appeared together on stage – where in fact, they were both at their best.

Another slice of news if true, is that Alexander Korda directed the film then handed over the credit to Ralph Richardson giving him his only directorial job in films.

Must have been the American Release title ABOVR

Jack Hawkins plays a Doctor who is a good friend of the couple BELOW

This is really a simple story that depicts a short period in the life of a middle-class couple in post-war England whose routine is suddenly disrupted by the memory lapse of the husband.

The story is brought to life by the acting of the three main actors – Richarson and Margaret Leighton as the couple and the doctor, Jack Hawkins.

Ralph Richardson plays the dutiful husband who is stricken with an anxiety attack that causes him to relive his days in conflict to such an extent that when this mental episode is over, he cannot remember what happened for a full 24-hour period.

Husband and wife are at a loss to know what to do and and so they turn to their friend and family doctor played by Jack Hawkins. He is sympathetic and not too worried but eager to find out the source of the problem.

To complicate things a theft and murder has occurred and it seems to implicate the husband – so the couple fear. Everything seems to point to him being involved – it all seems to fit

These are two decent people who are frightened as to what might happen to them – they fear the worse and to us watching the film, it all looks ominous

Ralph Richardson walks past this scene – seeing the police drag the river for a body – and he thinks it could be the body of a man that he may have murdered while enduring a 24 hour loss of memory

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