Woman’s World 1954

This is a film I have to admit – from the fifties – that I do not remember at all.

It does however have some quite big stars in it so maybe I should take a look. I have in the meantime been helped by this synopsis :-

WOMANS’S WORLD  has everything a Fox film of the 50’s had. CinemaScope, colour, stereo sound, all star cast, New York settings and a sensational musical score. The seven stars really shine here. Clifton Webb, Cornel Wilde; Fred MacMurray and Van Heflin couldn’t be better. The women are even better. Lauren Bacall is her usual sophisticated self and is at her best, even better than in HOW TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE. June Allyson is a delight as the not-so-in with it wife, and Arlene Dahl steals the show with her red hair and ample figure. Although I think Marilyn Monroe might have really excelled in the role.  The plot line is fun and quite exciting as to who will be the new general manager of a car company. Who gets the job and why is a nice twist to the story




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