The Mousetrap

Well, here we are on 1st February 2019 – As last year, I set myself the task of one new post each day during January – which has been done I am happy to say.

This year it coincided with my Daughter and her family being with us throughout this period and this New Post – now in February – is a little different but features a Theatre visit a few days ago to the West End of London for this wonderful production.

I am cheating a little here – this was, of course not a film but is probably THE most famous Theatre Play ever. However it did commence it’s long run in November 1952 so in that regard it fits the time – and also may of Agatha Christie’s Novels have been made into films.

Last Tuesday – 15 January 2019 –  I went to see it again with my Daughter and Granddaughter who both loved it – at St. Martins Theatre in the West End of London.

Agatha Christie indeed came up with a humdinger of a story which kept us guessing until the very last minutes. Superb.

The Mousetrap 2

The Mousetrap

There is a sort of tenuous link to films though in that the very first lead actor in this production was Richard Attenborough in 1952 and his Wife Sheila Sim was in the cast also.

The Mousetrap Richard Attenborough 1952

The story is known to the many thousands who have seen this Theatre Production but to anyone who hasn’t  it is not so well known – as we are all told to ‘keep the secret’ of who the killer is – so enough said as I will leave any readers to go and see the play.

You will not be disappointed.  It has done tours over the past few years all around the country.

The Mousetrap 2019 Production

Above – a Scene from the 2019 London Production.

The Mousetrap 4

The present cast – apparently there is an all new cast every year – were all on very good and able form.  When we were leaving one of the leading ladies – Emily Plumtree  appeared in the Theatre Foyer and she was kind enough to sign my Granddaughters Programme – see above –  and have a chat with us. She was very nice.

The Mousetrap 5


The Mousetrap 6

It is a wonderful production and the stage set  is sumptuous,  complete with large open fireplace with a lovely fire burning on a cold and snowy night  – in the Drawing Room of a small Hotel somewhere in the countryside Near Oxford.

In a few scenes it was necessary for the window in the house, at the back of the stage,  to be opened and when it was, we heard the wind howling outside – and even with the window closed – in the opening scenes the snow was clearly seen falling outside – perfectly done.

The Mousetrap 7

The Mousetrap was originally at the Ambassadors Theatre but moved just next door to St Martins Theatre in 1974.

The Mousetrap 8


A picture  on the front of Agatha Christie

I have also come across this Booklet – not yet sure of what it is all about but when I purchase it I will report back – looks interesting though.

Inside St Martins Theatre - a drink before the show


The Bar at St Martins Theatre - before t6he Show

Before we go in to see The Mousetrap – what a good idea to have a drink in the lovely Bar at St Martins Theatre –  ABOVE

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