The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake 1959



I remember seeing this at one of the local cinemas in the town close to the village I live in. 

Not at all sure what was on the Bill with it but I seem to think it was another Horror film.






The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake 1959


I seem to recall that at the time,  that I had split up with a girl friend and was quiet melancholy – and it is this that stays with me now when I think of that film.


Any recollection I have tends to be tinged with gloom I am sorry to say.




The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake 2


One thing I think I remember is seeing this character in the film walking around in this tree lined studio set looking quite scary.



ABOVE: The Trailer looks pretty scary.   T


he Story is  – Jonathan Drake, while attending his brother’s funeral, is shocked to find the head of the deceased is missing. When his brother’s skull shows up later in a locked cabinet, Drake realises that an ancient curse placed upon his grandfather by a tribe of South American Jivaro Indians is still in effect and that he himself is the probable next victim.   That night he is awakened by the approach of an Indian, his lips sewed together with string, and wielding a curare-tipped bamboo knife.

The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake 3


ABOVE: Veteran actor Henry Daniell in a scene from the film

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  1. David Rayner says:

    THE FOUR SKULLS OF JONATHAN DRAKE was initially released in this country on the Essoldo circuit in May, 1960, supported by John Agar and Jean Byron in INVISIBLE INVADERS. I remember looking at the Front of House stills for these films in the display cases outside one of my local cinemas at the time, but, as I was only 13 in 1960, I was too young to be allowed in to see an ‘X’ film.

    • Movieman says:

      David. I seem to remember there was another ‘X’ horror film on with ‘The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake’ but didn’t know what it was but the title you give does not ring any bells with me. You have a good memory for which film was on the bill with which. I remember in the early / mid fifties seeing ‘Raiders of the Seven Seas’ on with ‘The Fake’ but a few of us have speculated as to what was on the same bill as ‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’ when it was released in 1952. Do you know what it was ? thanks Neil

  2. David Rayner says:

    THE STORY OF ROBIN HOOD was originally released on the Rank circuit and was first shown here at the Gaumont, Hanley, in early May, 1952, supported by John Bentley and Patricia Dainton in HAMMER THE TOFF. It would be another six years before I would get to see it, by which time, in April, 1958, it was supported by Disney’s LADY AND THE TRAMP.

    • Movieman says:

      David, I had once heard about ‘Hammer the Toff’ being on the same bill but it does seem odd as I would have thought that Walt Disney would have had one of his ‘True Life’ adventures along with it – but then again RKO would handle the distribution at that time. To see the later release coupled with ‘The Lady and the Tramp’ sounds a good choice and a good programme. I must have missed the second release and can’t think why because this film would have been high on any list of mine to see. Neil

  3. David Rayner says:

    Disney did pair some of his films on the same programme sometimes, but not always. DAVY CROCKETT – KING OF THE WILD FRONTIER was released in 1956 supported by Richard Hearne in TONS OF TROUBLE, while a year later DAVY CROCKETT AND THE RIVER PIRATES was released with the Disney True Life Adventure THE AFRICAN LION. But by that time, his films were no longer released through RKO and so we got Disney programmes such as JOHNNY TREMAIN and BAMBI; WESTWARD HO THE WAGONS and the True Life adventure THE STORY OF PERRI; THE SIGN OF ZORRO and THE LIGHT IN THE FOREST; KIDNAPPED and the True Life adventure WHITE WILDERNESS (among others).

    • Movieman says:

      David, Many Thanks. I did think though that Treasure Island was released originally with one of his True Life adventures – and that would have been before these. I saw Treasure Island again in 1959 or maybe 1961 at Butlins Holiday Camp at Filey. The Technicolor really shone out for me – it seemed breath-taking and still does really. Thanks, Neil

  4. David Rayner says:

    Walt Disney’s TREASURE ISLAND was initially shown in this area at the Odeon, Hanley, for six days commencing Monday, August 7 th, 1950, support by Francis Renner and Margaret McNulty in JOURNEY FOR THREE, although whether they were shown together in London and elsewhere I don’t know.

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