The Black Torment

This film is from just outside of the Fifties and released in 1964 but it certainly evokes that era and is a quite scary film

A 17th-century aristocrat called Sir Richard Fordyke (JOHN TURNER) returns to his country estate in Devon with his new bride Elizabeth (HEATHER SEARS).

However all is not well because the local people including his horseman Black John (FRANCIS DE WOLFE) are shunning him.

Fordyke soon discovers from his accountant Seymour (PETER ARNE) that a farm girl called Lucy Judd (EDINA RONAY) was raped and murdered in the woods and that just before she died she named Fordyke as the culprit.

This cannot be true because Fordyke had been in London for esome weeks following his marriage to Elizabeth and the superstitious locals are inevitably spreading rumours.

Three years ago, Fordyke’s first wife Anne had committed suicide by throwing herself out of a top floor window and the locals claim that they have seen him on horseback at night (while he was supposedly away) being chased by a ghostly woman dressed in white uttering cries of “murderer”.

They believe the woman to be the ghost of Anne as her voice resembles the deceased. Also a copy of the suicide note left by Anne is mysteriously delivered to Elizabeth.

Then follows a number of supernatural happenings. one of which is when a new saddle arrives for Sir Richard with Anne’s name engraved on it and the maker insists that Fordyke came into his shop and ordered it personally.

Meanwhile, Fordyke begins to see the alleged ghost of his late wife prowling the grounds at night. Two more murders follow and Elizabeth and Fordyke must find out the truth behind the sinister goings-on before disastrous consequences could ruin their lives

Heather Sears – who I always liked – plays one of the leading characters in this film

Heather Sears looks worried
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