Stunt Men in Films

Well, the last item I did on here was about filming behind the scenes in Westerns. In a way this is an extension of that as we feature the very important work that Stunt Men did in many Westerns – and indeed other films too.

Earlier we mentioned Jack of Jock Mahoney who is reputed to be one of the finest stuntmen ever. He is not featured here but some real action stunts are – and let us say, these films could not be anywhere near as effective and impressive without their work

Stuntman Whip Wilson


Above – Whip Wilson uses his Bullwhip to swing and crash through a saloon bar window – from the Monagram film Haunted Hills

Stunt work in films


Above – A scene from from the Monagram film Lawless Code – a dangerous stunt when the rider transfers from a galloping horse to a hard driven wagon


Stunt work in films 2


Above – A scene from the Republic  film The Arizona Cowboy  – a tricky stunt dropping from a high rock into the saddle of a standing horse.  Really hope the horse is well prepared for this too.


Stunt work in films 3


Above – A scene from  the Monogram  film Sonora Stagecoach  – This time the rider is jumping from moving stagecoach to a galloping horse

Stunt work in films 4


Above – This time from   the Republic  film Redwood Forest Trail –  This is a very difficult and dangerous stunt and one that requires a lot of preparation and rehearsal for effect but most of all for safety purposes.


Stunt work in films 5


Above – In  Columbia’s The Bog Sombrero –  Spectacular stunt in which the driver of the trap pulls the whole lot over on top of himself. Very worrying is this for the horse but maybe they are used to these stunts.  Hope they were all ok.


Stunt Men in films


ABOVE: We see stunt men at work in the Film Studio in a Bar Room fight that involves at least one of them crashing through the bannister on the first floor, down to the Bar Room Floor – in fact the camera has got him half way down on his fall and he looks like ending up on the round table below



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