Safari 1956 – Victor Mature

This film was shown the other day on the wonderful TALKING PICTURES Channel. I was pleasantly surprised how good the filom was and it had high production values being filmed partially in Kenya – in Colour and Cinemascope – so we got the full blast. There may have been stock footage which I have seen mentioned but I do not think so – I reckon all that appeared was filmed on the location shoot.

The Story is as follows :-

An expert African guide, Ken Duffield ( Victor Mature) seeks revenge against the leader of a gang of rebellious Mau Mau who killed his family while he was away. His licence revoked for his own good, Duffield is hired anyway by a wealthy hunter, Sir Vincent Brampton, (Roland Culver) who is used to getting his own way and seems quite ruthless.  Also we have Sir Vincent’s fiancée, Linda Latham played by Janet Leigh.

John Justin also stars – he was a big star in English Films years before but he was away fighting for his country – and when he returned he did not seem to have the same status and popularity as before. A pity really as he was pretty good in his role here.

Safari 1956

Safari 1956 with the FOUR quite big Stars of the day – and they were all very good in this action packed film.

Safari 1956 6

Victor Mature in Safari with Roland Culver and Janet Leigh – ABOVE

Safari 1956 5

Victor Mature in Safari – Again with Roland Culver ABOVE

Safari 1956 4

Victor Mature in Safari – chats to Janet Leigh who he is getting close to ABOVE

Safari 1956 3

This is a  wonderful film and not what you might expect.  The scenery is breathtaking and clear and in Cinemascope.  The actors were well up to the job on this film. It was a great blending of talent and location. This film is not a documentary about animals but it . The film had suspense and  action – and COLOUR.

Safari 1956 2

Above: Janet Leigh and John Justin relax at the side of the river then John goes off to talk to someone and Janet Leigh decides to go for a ride on the river in the small boat they have there. This starts one of the film’s most thrilling sequences.

Janet Leigh on the River

Janet Leigh on the River with Hippos

Janet Leigh on the River with Crocodiles

Safari Crocodiles 2

Safari Crocodiles 3

Safari Crocodiles 4

Safari Crocodiles 5

Janet Leigh on the River 2

Janet Leigh on the River 3

Janet Leigh on the River 5Janet Leigh at the waterfall

Janet Leigh at the waterfall 2

Janet Leigh on the River 3

Janet Leigh at the waterfall 4



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