Roger Moore as Ivanhoe

This picture was published in a magazine in January 1958

The Reporter had spent a day on the set / location for the popular Television Series. They were shooting outdoor scenes about 5 miles out of Beaconsfield up a muddy track off the A40 on a pretty cold winter day.

Gurth played by Robert Brown was a fixture in the ‘Ivanhoe’ series as sidekick to Ivanhoe himself. He was walking around the location, making ready for a scene in an open top tunic which cannot have been comfortable in such low temperatures. Part of an actors job it seems and this role would have given him good, well paid employment for a year or more.

A lot of filming was done on pretty good studio sets at Beaconsfield, although I have read that the first Pilot Episode was made at Pinewood and in Colour.

Roger Moore would come to know Pinewood pretty well in future years – I am pretty sure that he lived at Denham close by

The Series of 39 Episodes was shown throughout 1958 and it has been repeated many times since

In Episode No 32 – which was first shown in November of 1958 there was an actress well known on this site – the lovely Joan Rice. She played Marcia in ‘The Night Raiders’

BELOW – Joan Rice as Marcia in ‘The Night Raiders’ Episode 32 of Ivanhoe

Joan Rice played Marcia, and here she is with her father in the story who were being terrorised by The Night Riders

Joan Rice was back in familiar territory here after she had played Maid Marian a few years before. It is pretty obvious that this had no-where near the budget that the Walt Disney film had.

ABOVE – Ivanhoe comes to the rescue

ABOVE – Joan Rice and her father in the film, wave in gratitude

ABOVE – Joan Rice is star billed as she should be. Just look at the cast though – Anthony Bate and Edwin Richfield in early roles

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  1. Robert says:

    A good series, no match for the Robin Hood series but worth watching.and Edwin Richfield would soon be in the series Interpol Calling.

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