Move Memories – The 100th Edition

Again, what a great day it is when the postman delivers this very welcome magazine – it means hours of interesting reading ahead and with all the older editions I have, it is so easy to keep going back and re-reading them and always finding another little snippet or piece of news or Hollywood gossip of the time.

ABOVE – The Front Cover of this Magazine with Yul Brynner and BELOW Chris Roberts introduction to this month’s magazine – and some details about Yul.

Chris Roberts has decided to cease production of this great magazine at the end of this current year which is a very sad day for us all. The quality of this magazine is right out of the top drawer and the articles he does are so interesting and then the contributions of the many readers who write in with information about the stars – quite often their own experience when they have met them. Fascinating and there are always surprises when these revelations come along

This Magazine has been Chris Roberts’ ‘baby’ really and I imagine it will be a huge wrench for him to bring it to a close – but lets not forget the magnificent contribution he has made to the film industry of that era – which has been helped in recent years by the phenomenal success of ‘Talking Pictures’ the TV Channel we all love.

Chris has not enjoyed the best of health recently but I understand that he is ok now – but I know that we all wish him well whatever he now chooses to do

I have copied below his introduction to his 100th Edition :-

It must be said, that we at Filmsofthefifties do not have any connection with this magazine other than being great fans of it

ABOVE – Inside the magazines a gentleman wrote about his correspondence with Robert Cummings – and told us about him receiving this picture after writing to the star, saying that ‘Kings Row’ was his favourite – it was also Robert Cummings own favourite of the films he made.

I would, though, myself lean towards his role in ‘ Saboteur’ for Alfred Hitchcock – an article on which I wrote on this blog earlier this month. That would be my own favourite Robert Cummings film

The back cover has this – ‘Carry on Spying’. In my view not one of the best of the Carry On films of which I am a great fan

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