More Double Bills at your local Cinema

I always loved it when we were give a chance to see TWO ‘big’ pictures – often an older one with a fairly new film OR a Horror film paring which happened quite often in those days, when they were really popular – we just loved to be scared

ABOVE – ‘Horrors of the Black Museum’ is a well known ‘horror’ film with Michael Gough giving a great performance.

As for ‘Wicked Wicked’ in the ‘new process’ of Duo-Vision – I have not heard of it – or the film process – although it does come to us from MGM – the biggest of the film studios

However I have just come across this :-

In 1973, writer/director Richard L. Bare (best known for the “Joe McDoakes” shorts of the ’40s/’50s and for directing most episodes of “Green Acres“) set out to create a new way of making movies.  Called “Duo-Vision,” today this technique is most commonly referred to as “split-screen” — though the gimmick was that the films were to be presented in split-screen from start to finish.  For the first film, Bare revised an unsold screenplay titled “The Squirrel.”  The result was “Wicked, Wicked,” a campy horror-schlocker openly derived from “The Phantom of the Opera,” heavily influenced by Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” and with the sensibilities of a ’60s sitcom.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t a hit, plans for subsequent Duo-Vision films were scrapped and, because the film couldn’t be cropped for TV/home video, it was basically forgotten.

ABOVE – ‘The Wizard of Oz’ seemed to be released or re-leased periodically and here it is alongside ‘Tom Thumb’

These are very much more recognisable and lovely family films

ABOVE – I remember seeing ‘Johnny Dark’ at the cinema when on holiday in St.Albans – quite a good car racing story. As for ‘Man Without a Star’ it may have been good but it wasn’t a film that would have pulled me in at all

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