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What a charming gem of a film this is – with Eddie Calvert’s haunting melody played to great effect throughout the film and at it’s climax.


The story is quite well known – of two young children who run away to watch the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 – and the many adventures that they have in London.

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When it becomes apparent that their parents can’t take them they run away together to London and the film is the story of their adventures and the things that happened to them, and the characters that they meet along the way – Excellent British actors and actresses who brought humour and sensitivity to the characters – Colin Gibson and Lesley Dudley were ideally cast as the children.


Film Premier


ABOVE – The Film Premiere  


Australian actor Vincent Ball also had a small part along with Moira Lister, Noelle Middleton, Syd James, Megs Jenkins, Constance Cummings, Wilfred Hyde Whyte, Peter Sellers and the brilliant Colin Gordon The background music for the film is very wonderful – recorded by Eddie Calvert – the man with the Golden Trumpet.



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ABOVE – With a very much younger Andrew Cruickshank than when he appeared for all those years as Dr. Cameron in Dr.Finlays Casebook on  BBC Television in England – one of my all time favourite programmes


Lovely to watch this heart warming film as I have so many times over the years If you would like an enjoyable, satisfying and nostalgic look into the Fifties – a simpler world but a lovely one at that – then just see this film. It is  one of my own  favourite films even today after fifty years.

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