Drums in the Deep South 1951


This Film was showed in the UK on Retro Movies yesterday and I saw quite a lot of the climax to it.


Drums In The Deep South


Barbara Payton is the mistress of a southern plantation -In the film’s prologue she and husband Craig Stevens are entertaining two old friends from West Point,  Guy Madison and Barbara’s secret love interest James Craig.


She is planning to run away with James that night, but news of the firing on Fort Sumter brings everybody’s plans to a halt as the men go off to war on their respective sides. Go forward to four years later and Stevens is in prison, but circumstance has brought Madison and Craig back to the neighbourhood.

Craig is given a rough assignment, bring a pair of cannons to the top of a hollow ridge called Devil’s Mountain and rain fire and destruction down on Sherman’s supply train on the railway tracks below. Guy has the unenviable duty of blasting him off the mountain. Of course neither knows the other is in command on the other side.

This film seems to get pretty good reviews from people who have seen it


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