Dangerous Crossing 1953 – Jeanne Crain and Michael Rennie

This film showed up on Talking Pictures a couple of days ago. It was not a film I had remembered but it had the lovely Jeanne Crain in the leading role and Michel Rennie

The storyline and the action took place on an Ocean Liner – the story of a wife and her husband who set off on a cruise and after a short time the husband disappears and no-one seems to have any knowledge of him being there, or any record or any sightings – and so his wife Jeanne Crain is seen to be either mistaken or even unhinged.

Michael Rennie appears as the Liner’s Doctor and he is obviously attracted to Jeanne Crain – as he would be.

As an English Actor, I was surprised that – in this film – he seemed to adopt a half-hearted American accent.

The story did remind me a bit of the film ‘So Long at the Fair’ in 1948 with David Tomlinson and Jean Simmons – and in that a young lady’s brother disappears during the night while they are visiting Paris – and there is no trace of him at all – even his Hotel Room does not exist. Enter Dirk Bogarde who like Jean Simmons just knows that something is not right.

If you have not seen this film – Please do. I can’t give any more away except to say that nothing is as it seems.

So Long at the Fair 1950 BELOW – ‘What a Film’ I really like this onemy daughter loved it

Jean Simmons ‘So Long at the Fair’ 1950

BELOW – A Full Set of Film Stills from the British Release of Dangerous Crossing

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