An assortment of Horror Films

I was just browsing through various film topics that I always find interesting and entertaining and came across this assortment :

The Double Bill above just baffles me. I can’t recall these films at all.

It seems that the ‘Frankebnstein’ film was made in 1965 and gets reasoably good reviews. ‘Curse of the Voodoo’ also had the title ‘Curse of Simba’ and had none other than Denis Price in one of the leading roles. Reading what I could about it, it does seem to have had a good storyline

Movie Posters:Horror, Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster/Curse of the Voodoo Combo
(Allied Artists, 1965). Folded, Fine. One Sheet (27" X 41"). ...

‘Them’ a much better known film

ABOVE – Another big one from Universal with a great cast

ABOVE ‘Giant from the Unknown’ has Buddy Baer in it. He wrestled with that bull in ‘Quo Vadis’ to save Deborah Kerr

If you just want to be entertained in that magical 50’s B picture way….take a look at ‘Giant From the Unknown’.

In ‘She Demons’ the acting was average at best but the special effects and cinematography were good considering when this film was made.

‘Half Woman Half Beast’ seems to be a heading straight from the Horror films of that era.

Boris Karloff ABOVE

Above – ‘Them’ teamed up with The Bowery Boys as a supporting film ‘Clipped Wings’

‘The Gorgon’ a very good film from Hammer when they were at the peak of their success

Richard Pasco and Brabara Shelley starred

I well remember Richard Pasco from a much later film ‘The Watcher in the Woods’ made in England for Walt Disney. A film that I really like – well made and original

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