Act of Murder 1964

Now this one is a really terrific film. Part of the Edgar Wallace series made in the late 50s and into the 60s – and this one like most of them only runs for 62 minutes but certainly packs a punch – as we the viewers,  are unable to work out just where this one is going.

John Carson plays the spurned lover of Justine Lord (who is given many close-ups by James Wilson’s excellent camera work) while Anthony Bate plays the wary husband. The plot is unusual, and the tension mounts, as Carson plays a dangerous psychological game. Twenty minutes in you  think you know where this is going but the plot takes some twists and turns.

Act of Murder

Act of Murder 2

Act of Murder 3

This was the directorial debut of Alan Bridges, and I just loved the change of pace and style with unusual camera angles and intense close-ups particularly of the very lovely Justine Lord who played her part brilliantly and very confidently too. That could be said also of John Carson and Anthony Bate – both of whom were excellent in this one – and both went on to have long and successful careers.

Act of Murder 4


At times this is worrying and sinister.

Act of Murder 8

Act of Murder 5

Above: A grizzly find for Justine Lord and Anthony Bate.

Act of Murder 6

Above: Anthony Bate starting to realise what might be going on. He now walks away troubled.

Act of Murder 7

Above: John Carson runs awaybut from what

It is one that I do remember seeing at the cinema – and I particularly remember the ending from that time but not much else.  Please do get a copy of this and watch it. You will not be disappointed.

Justine Lord BELOW:

Justine Lord

Justine Lord (born Jennifer Schooling; 1937, Bromley, Kent) is an English actress, active on television throughout the 1960s.

She began her acting career in repertory theatre, and in the 1960s made guest appearances on The Avengers, The Saint, The Prisoner (“The Girl Who Was Death”, 1968) and Man in a Suitcase as well as playing regular roles on Crossroads, Compact, The Troubleshooters and The Doctors

Justine Lord married James Ridler in 1971.

After being THE GIRL in The Prisoner and all that, she slipped away to New Zealand  It believed that  she married a schoolteacher and basically became a dorm matron to his pupils. They returned to the UK late 70s or early 80s

Below In an Episode of The Saint – The Fiction Makers

Justine Lord and Roger Moore inTheSaint-TheFictionMakers

Early Life

She had to work and to express herself. Her early ballet ambitions gave way to acting aspirations, and she switched to straight acting , displaying her sense of comedy very early in her new career when she played the bride in SAILOR BEWARE ! on tour, and then toured with the Hulberts in STAR MAKER.

She then went into repertory, appeared in SALAD DAYS, and made her television debut in CHARLESWORTH (as a nun !) She found her niche in television, with leads in series such as THE AVENGERS, NO HIDING PLACE, GIDEON’S WAY, THE BARON, MAN IN A SUITCASE, a running role in COMPACT, and setting up an all-time record by being Roger Moore’s leading lady six times in THE SAINT. She has also appeared in several feature films, including WARLOVER, TAMAHINE, and RING OF SPIES, and, returning to the theatre, has played Shakespeare at the Bristol Old Vic. Since THE PRISONER she has appeared in THE TROUBLESHOOTERS and CROSSROADS, amongst other things, and now prefers to list the programmes she has NOT appeared in ! Between roles she is active in teaching at a school in Kent.

‘I could never be happy as a member of a group. It didn’t take me long to realise that I would never become a great ballerina, and I simply couldn’t bear the thought of being just one of a corps de ballet. And I could never subject myself to the rigid discipline required’

Not only did she do Shakespeare in her early days, at the Bristol Old Vic, but also George Bernard Shaw. Specifically, in 1964, ‘Arms and the Man’, with John Franklyn Robbins, Freddie Jaeger, Edith MacArthur, Dudley Jones, Patricia Brake.
She remarried and moved to the Dordogne in mid-80s. She spent a number of years as a semi-pro tennis player but recently had a hip operation. Turned up recently at a Prisoner convention in Portmeirion


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