Yellowstone Kelly – Clint Walker

I have just come across more film stills from this Western with Clint Walker – it has remained a very popular film mainly I think because Clint Walker himself gained a lot of popularity from his TV series ‘Cheyenne’ – certainly in the UK

In ‘Yellowstone Kelly,’ Clint ‘Cheyenne’ Walker plays a fur trapper who prevents war between Indians and U.S. Cavalry, and who survives only to find true love in the arms of a beautiful and talented newcomer Andra Martin.

Plenty of action in this film the cast includes : John Russell as the chief Ray Danton as the Indian: Claude Akins as the tough sergeant and Warren Oates making his debut as a soldier…

It has a good story line which is coupled with outstanding Technicolor photography ‘Yellowstone Kelly’ has to be seen – preferably on the big screen which is not so easy these days.

I hadn’t realised that Clint was almost ‘dead’ in 1971 following a skiing accident where a ski pole punctured his heart in a fall on the ski slopes.

He was rushed to hospital and declared ‘dead’ until a doctor detected a faint heartbeat – he was operated on and his heart was repaired so well that he lived for almost another 50 years.

ABOVE – an action scene

Scenery is beautiful. Clint Walker is outstanding in the role and the pairing with Ed Burns proved to be a good choice. Very enjoyable to watch with a good story.

Beautiful scenery and this one should be a must for Western fans.

There is a scene at the end of Yellowstone Kelly, where Kelly ( Clint Walker) tells Sioux Chief Gall ( John Russell) “This place no longer smiles on your people, take your warriors and leave.” It sums up the film perfectly.

The story is how the old way of life for everyone including the trappers like Kelly, is coming to an end. Rather sad really

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