Whats On at your local cinema – 1952

This is a Cinema Programme from back in 1952 – from which we are able to see the variation of films on offer at that time. Cinema Programme 1952 One of the films showing was another Gregory Peck one – Only the Valiant.  Cinema programme 1952 A Only the Valiant is very well shot, and the black and white cinematography looks good.  I am not a huge Gregory Peck fan(I sometimes find him dull) but he does a good job as the ruthless  officer, and Barbara Payton is  pretty in the role of  Cathy. Ward Bond, Gig Young and Jeff Corey are much more impressive though.

Above – a scene from Only the Valiant



Also on the bill another Gregory Peck film Captain Horatio Hornblower.  This film has a great storyline (C.S.Forrester wrote the script from his novel) with good  acting from Gregory Peck and  Virginia Mayo, and a top rate supporting cast,  plus that beautiful ’50s Technicolor  and you can’t get much better than that.



Then we have a British made film –  Encore  ( above)  this follows “Quartet” and “Trio,” the first two collections of Somerset Maugham stories. This one has three stories. The first story, “The Ant and the Grasshopper,” has Nigel Patrick as a ne’er-do-well who mooches off his responsible brother. The second, “Winter Cruise,” is the amusing tale of a few men caught on a long cruise with a Chatty Kathy (Kay Walsh) who drives them crazy with her non-stop yapping. The final episode, “Gigolo and Gigolette,” stars Glynis Johns as a performer whose act consists of jumping 80 feet into a pool of burning water, but she starts to lose her nerves; it is the longest of the three with a  compelling  ending.

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