The Wasp Woman 1959

Often we have featured films from the early fifties – perhaps because there were far more of them – but this one ‘The Wasp Woman’ was one of the last of the decade – released in November 1959

The Wasp Woman – BELOW in the USA this great Double Feature did the rounds

The Wasp Woman

The plot of this film has the head of a cosmetics firm trying out a new formula formed from the jelly of a Queen Wasp. The make-up actually makes the woman younger, but has the horrible side effect in that it turns the woman into a killer human wasp

The Wasp Woman

This may be one of Director Roger Corman’s better early films, about reversing the ageing process to sell cosmetics. Susan Cabot, the lead, finished her film career with this one before returning to the theatre in New York after appearing in a lot of films throughout the Fifties.

The Wasp Woman – Some great Double Features below both cinema and DVD

BELOW – Film Stills giving us a taste of what is to come

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