The Sharkfighters 1956 – Victor Mature

Another Victor Mature film but this time one that did not fare well with the public. I don’t Think that this was at all well promoted at the time of it’s release or I would certainly have noticed it more – I do remember it though.

Again a film shot in Technicolor and Cinemascope with much of the action in the Caribbean

ABOVE – Victor Mature and Karen Steele in a publicity still for the film

Based on actual events in the development of a shark repellent by the U.S. Navy in World War 2. First used in 1943, it was granted a patent in 1949 and was used by the Navy until 1973.

However its effectiveness is now judged dubious nowadays. The actual scientific work consisted of observations of shark behaviour in 1942 off Mayport, Florida; Woods Hole, Massachusetts; and the harbour of Guayaquil, Ecuador by civilian scientists of the Marine Studios Oceanarium.

Filming took place in the middle of the Cuban revolution, which started on July 26, 1953 and culminated when Cuban president Fulgencio Batista fled the country on January 1, 1959. Around the time of filming in March 1955, unrest was growing and student demonstrations against Batista were becoming more commonplace.

ABOVE – The Press Book from the Film

‘The Sharkfighters’ was filmed – filming finished in March 1955 a shoot of maybe little more than a month

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