The Reptile and Rasputin the Mad Monk – Fabulous Double Feature

Wonderful Double Bill on offer here to all Horror Fans.  – and more particularly to all HAMMER Horror enthusiasts of which there are so many. This Double Bill was actually from the Sixties but it seems a good feature to include here.

In the 1970’s, BBC-2 ran a summer season of ‘Horror Double Bills’ on Saturday nights, usually a black & white Karloff and Lugosi movie followed by a much more recent  Hammer, Amicus or Vincent Price chiller in colour.

On one particular Saturday night, ‘The Reptile’ was shown around the midnight mark and when  Jacqueline Pearce made her first full appearance in her snake make-up (as The Reptile) it was a memorable moment in Horror Film History.

A few years ago I was out with my daughter and her family living at that time in Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills, Australia. We went to a Sunday Collectors Fair at Port Adelaide – a very large one at that – and I purchased The Reptile on Video and we all watched it – and enjoyed it -when we got back to Lobethal that evening. This was a Double Bill Video release in a box along with ‘She’ with John Richardson, Ursula Andress and of course Peter Cushing.    Wonderful  memories.

Fabulous Double Bill

Above The Trailer from The Reptile –

Below Scenes from the Film


Above The Trailer from Rasputin The Mad Monk with Christopher Lee.

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