‘The Quick Gun’ and ‘Apache Uprising’ – Audie Murphy and Merry Anders

This is a pairing that I think is on DVD / Blu Ray as opposed to a cinema release

Both Audie Murphy films

It would seem that in Britain Arizona Raiders went out as the supporting film – and again BELOW the same with ‘The Quick Gun’.

Looking at the Poster, I cannot recall either ‘A Jolly Bad Fellow’ or ‘The Quick Gun’

‘Arizona Raiders’. was filmed in Techniscope – and here BELOW we see, none other than Elvis looking throught the lens of a Techniscope Camera on the set of his film ‘Clambake’

In ‘The Quick Gun’ – Audie Murphy’s leading lady is Merry Anders a very nice looking girl as can be seen by this photograph from the film

ABOVE – Merry Anders from the film ‘The Quick Gun’

Merry Anders, like so many, started out as a model and was quickly ‘spotted’ and given a film contract with 20th Century Fox, which resulted in quite a few appearances. Then out of that and into a new contract with Warner Brothers which went quite well for a time – then she was dropped. She cried for a couple of days after this and then decided to offer herself as a freelance actress with quite a lot of success in films and on Television.

When this dried up quite a few years later around 1968 she finished with acting and became a receptionist with a large company in Los Angeles

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