The Horror of Frankenstein 1970


All right, this is not a film from the Fifties I know, although I bet a number of readers will know why I have turned to this one.  Yes – It featured the very last film appearance of Joan Rice who has been discussed on this Blog many times – mainly with her big roles in ‘The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men’ and ‘His Majesty O Keefe’ – certainly big films in the early fifties.

In this one she played the wife of Dennis Price – and also in it was James Hayter who had played Friar Tuck in the Robin Hood film – he had also toured in plays in the Theatre with Joan.


The Horror of Frankenstein 1970 2


Joan Rice and Dennis Price  ABOVE – chatting in the Studio waiting to go on set and join the action


The Horror of Frankenstein 1970 3

Joan Rice talking to Dr Frankenstein ( Ralph Bates ) at the Castle – and in doing so sealing her own fate.

The Horror of Frankenstein 1970


Joan Rice comes to a violent end at the hands of the Monster after she had been to Frankenstein’s Castle and told Dr. Frankenstein that she would be going to the Police about her husband’s disappearance.

He advised her to walk home using the short cut through the woods – and then quickly released the Monster who murders her there.

The ABOVE picture is the last we would ever see on the Cinema Screen of this lovely actress – who achieved lasting fame with us film fans for her starring appearances in those two big films that she starred in.     At that time she had been at the very top of the tree.

I watched most of this film yesterday evening on Talking Pictures Television – and really liked it even though it was played largely ‘tongue in cheek’ by the characters.  Ralph Bates as Dr Frankenstein must merit  a mention – he had a big part with lots of dialogue – but he pulled it off really well.    It had quite an abrupt and surprising ending, leaving us all a little bit ‘in the air’

Good film though – with some good studio sets – large enough to have a coach and horses and other riders and horses gallop through

The Horror of Frankenstein 1970 4

ABOVE with Ralph Bates

The Horror of Frankenstein 1970 5

ABOVE – Veronica Carlson and Kate O Mara – signed autographs

I should have said earlier that the film had Veronica Carlson and Kate O Mara as Dr Frankenstein’s (  Ralph Bates ) love interest

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