The Holly and the Ivy 1952 – more from that classic film

‘The Holly and the Ivy from 1952 will be on Talking Pictures again tomorrow Christmas Eve – and what better Christmas film could you have.

How often do we hear people say ‘ nothing much on again this Christmas’ or ‘just full of repeats’

Well, I certainly don’t subscribe to any of those statements – I quite like to be able to see a film or programme again and when you have channels like ‘Talking Pictures’ there is always something worth watching – in actual fact, it is often like seeing a NEW film because quite a lot of them have not seen the light of day for years. Thanks to this channel we now can see them

I couldn’t resist this extra article on the film mainly because I came across this poster today – and I think it is the best one I have seen promoting the film.

it is an American one though from the spelling – I just wonder how well the film did in the USA – I have a feeling that audiences would have liked it

From a personal point of view, I wish this film had been colorised

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