The Far Country 1954

Directed by Anthony Mann  This film starred  James Stewart, Ruth Roman, Corinne Calvet, Walter Brennan, John McIntire, Jay C. Flippen, Henry Morgan, Steve Brodie

The Far Country was Anthony Mann and James Stewart’s fourth Western together, and it’s a good one.

“The Far Country” just seems to get better every time you see it. It is a beautiful film to look at. It has James Stewart at his best – and that is very good. It has a unique setting and story. It’s filled with characters that you can care about and others not so appealing. 

“The Far Country” is quite a fast moving film and is very exciting.

Ruth Roman is the female star – I do remember her in another Western ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ with Richard Todd – not one of the better ones but she looked lovely in that as she did in all her films.  I really liked her.

A couple of years after this she was involved in a dramatic real life adventure when she and her three year old son boarded the liner Andrea Doria in Cannes, South of France

On the night of July 25, the Andrea Doria collided with the Swedish passenger liner MS Stockholm. Ruth Roman was in one of the ship’s Lounges when the collision happened and she immediately  scrambled back to her cabin to retrieve her sleeping son.

Ruth Roman and her son Richard

Several hours later, they were both evacuated from the sinking ship along with many other passengers.

RuthRoman and her Son Richard

The collision happened off the coast of Massachusetts as the liner neared New York Richard was lowered first into a waiting lifeboat, but before she was forced to get  into the next boat but thankfully all the 750 passengers  from the Andrea Doria were rescued by the French passenger liner SS Île de France.  Ruth Roman’s son  Richard was rescued by the Stockholm but was not reunited with his mother until they arrived in New York.

That must have been torture for Ruth Roman


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