The Blue Lagoon – 1949

I came across this picture – and have featured it before. At that time I wondered why all the camera operators and crew were dressed in suits and more formal clothing,  when they were basking in such hot Fijian sunshine – or so I thought.

It did seem an unusual dress code for Fiji.


However, I am now thinking that this scene was actually done in England because looking closely at the photograph I think it is possible to see buildinsg in the background – it was the scene where Donald Houston is attacked by an octopus and keeps coming up for air. Jean Simmons waited for him on the shore – the underwater shots would be studio work and such shots as this one would be cut in, but is does look as though this was done outside in England – I bet Jean felt cooler than she had done on location !!

The Blue Lagoon 1949


The Scene being filmed – In England I think

Jean Simmons

ABOVE – That same Scene

The Blue Lagoon 1949

ABOVE – The same scene but this time in the Studio at Pinewood – probably close to the filming tank for the Underwater sequences – Donald Houston looks as though he has just come out or is getting ready to go into the water. He does look quite dry but I suppose he could have dried off.

The Blue Lagoon 1949 2

The ABOVE Newspaper advertisement is interesting.

We often speculate what came out with what – and which films were coupled together on the same programme. Here for instance we see ‘Mars Attacks the World’ and ‘Rocket Ship’ then another ‘That Midnight Kiss’. Also ‘The Fighting Kentuckian’ and a Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis film.

This is of course, an American newspaper page so there would be different film programmes to the ones in England

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