Television Shows from the 50’s


With the arrival of the Rock n Roll era,  many singers of that time found that their careers stumbled. However one that held her own was Alma Cogan who is seen here singing with Marty Wilde on Oh Boy the ITV pop show that went out each Saturday.

Sadly she died of cancer at a very young age.  I really liked her as she seemed so full of life – something that came over strongly when she was appearing  – and in her records too.


Marty Wilde and Alma Cogan


BELOW – In Rehearsal Lord Rockingham’s Eleven with Cherry Wainer at the piano under the watchful eye of Conductor Harry Robinson


Fifties Television Show

‘The Sunday Break’ was  born  when Howard Thomas Chief of the ABC Network, overheard his daughters discussing religion with their friends.

A Scene from a typical Show BELOW

Fifties Double Bill 2

Band Leader Joe Loss with Joan Edwards and McDonald Hobley in Bid for Fame

Fifties Double Bill 4

Interesting snippet about McDonald Hobley the BBC Announcer – he was born in Port Stanley in te Falkland Islands where his father was the Vicar – in 1917

That would have been a long and arduous journey by sea in those days

McDonald Hobley

McDonald Hobley

BELOW – A typical Variety Show by the looks of it

Fifties Double Bill 3


Fifties Double Bill 5


Drama was never far away I am pleased to say.

Here is Susan Strasberg and Franchot Tone in ‘The Time of Our Life’ a guest production in the ‘Armchair Theatre’ when the New York City Centre Company was touring Europe

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