Teahouse of the August Moon 1956

This turned out to be the most successful film of the year for MGM back in 1956

The film was shown recently in widescreen format in what is a new or restored print.

The cast – Glenn Ford, Paul Ford (ironic , Eddie Albert, Marlon Brando and Harry Morgan – do a fine job of playing out the film’s humorous meditation on culture clash, and the ability of a strong but flexible people to maintain their Eastern ways in the face of Western influence.

Marlon Brando, in particular, is surprising in a film you might think him not able to do much with – it was a humorous characterisation, yet the brilliant and convincing manner in which he pulls it off reminds us of what a talented actor he was.

The film had its origins in a very successful stage play. We really have to thank everyone involved in making it so successful and even bringing it to the screen in the first place

ABOVE Marlon Brando and Glenn Ford

If you are a fan of Glenn Ford’s westerns – as I am – have a look at this role he plays to ‘timed’ perfection.

Glenn Ford has all the hesitation, stammering, and exasperation that it takes to be a comic genius. What an actor he was !

We are kept laughing so hard that we have a job to keep up with the fast pace of the story.

It is difficult to recognise Marlon Brando

What a great set ABOVE

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