Tarzan and the Lost Safari – 1957 Made in England

This film from 1957 was on the Sky Film Channel yesterday February 15th 2014, and I watched some of it and was impressed by the colour and the scale of the production but straight away I noticed the supporting actors – Robert Beatty, Wilfred Hyde White, George Coulouris and Peter Arne –  Yolande Donlan and Betta St John – all British actors although Yolande was from the US but had settled here and so I think had Betta St John who had married an English actor.  On checking I see that the film was made on location in Africa with the studio work done at Elstree in England. There was a lot of studio work and a lot of it is on large sets of  ‘outdoor’ jungle locations – which I have to say were very impressive.

This was a Cinemascope picture which no doubt would show off the beautiful African locations – a unit must have gone out there with Gordon Scott in order to get the wide vista shots but  not many others in the cast went I should think.

Above  – Yolande  Donlan

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