Some Republic Pictures

Just two articles ago, we had ‘Springtime in the Sierras’ – a Roy Rogers film – and soon afterwards I came across this. These are all Roy Rogers films with Republic Pictures

The odd one out ABOVE seems to be ‘Son of Paleface’ although it is a Roy Rogers picture but with Bob Hope in brilliant form

ABOVE – Some more from Republic Pictures including some really good films – for instance ‘Come Next Spring’ with Steve Cochran and Ann Sheridan, is a lovely heart warming story and it is a film that seems to be more appreciated now than it ever has been

Another one ‘A Man Alone’ had Ray Milland directing the film in which he also starred

‘Fair Wind to Java’ we have featured before.

I remember ‘Flame of the Islands’ because as youngster the title appealed to me as it conjured up visions of adventures in the South Seas. It was very much an escapist fantasy shot in gleaming Trucolor in which Yvonne De Carlo wanders around those islands which probably seldom left the studio set – but as is often the case – it still looked good.

I love the Trucolor process after only fully appreciating it very recently

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