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I watched an old Carry On Film over the Bank Holiday and for some reason I started to look at the lives of various of the stars.

Charles Hawtrey for instance, was latterly very reluctant and often rude when approached to sign an autograph and on one occasion was so incensed that he tore up the paper one of the fans had given him to sign. Mind you, it is said that he was quite often the worse for drink in his later years.

So I then embarked on a quest to look out pictures we had of some film stars signing for the public and here are a few

It seems that, in the picture above, Charles Hawtrey is in more friendly and benevolent mood when he chats to some young ladies in the Theatre sales kiosk in Londonderry, Ireland, just before going on stage

Most of the actors approached would be only too pleased to meet the fans and chat to them and sign whatever they wanted. After all, it is part of the job really.

ABOVE – Richard Todd signs autographs in Bristol

ABOVE – Mario Fabrizi – from ‘The Army Game’ has his moustache curled by usherettes before making an appearance in Acton

The lovely June Thorburn ( above ) signs her autograph for some lucky lads in Leyton, London

Liz Fraser signs a poster at the ABC in Woolwich. I hadn’t realised that she was in ‘Fury at Smugglers Bay’ but she indeed, was.

Left to Right ABOVE – Norman Rossington, Shirley Anne Field, Albert Finney, Brian Pringle and an ABC Executive at a glittering occasion in Manchester for the film ‘Saturday Night and Sunday Morning’

ABOVE – Jess Conrad signs Autographs in his Office
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